Today’s Word: panic

May 26, 2018 =========

☆  panic  パニックになる


If you panic, it means that you suddenly feel anxious or afraid, and act very quickly without thinking carefully. It’s interesting how people are so different in what kinds of things make them panic. When I lived in Japan, earthquakes made me panic so much, even the tiny ones. But I know that small earthquakes often don’t worry most people in Japan, right?

Now that I’m back in Australia, a lot of my friends who run, always panic during the “snake season” because they always worry they will see a snake when they are running in the hills. For me, though, this doesn’t make me panic so much because the only time I have ever seen a poisonous snake was in Japan!! Ha ha, ironic!!

What kinds of things make you panic? What do you do to stop yourself from panicking too much?