Today’s Word: fair

May 7, 2018 =========

☆  fair 公平な


Something or someone that is fair is reasonable, right, and just… so, today is my oldest son’s birthday. He is turning 10 and has recently started getting homework (Aussie schools are very relaxed about homework and hardly ever give kids homework!) which means that he needs to use my laptop. For his birthday, we decided to get him a very basic laptop.

I think it’s a fair present – he’s ten, responsible, needs it for school, it will mean he doesn’t need to use mine all the time, and he won’t get to have a party with friends, just this one present instead.

But his younger brother, oh my goodness! Ha ha… “That’s not fair!” and “Why does he get a laptop and I don’t?” and “I want a laptop for my birthday!!” So many tears… Oh dear. It’s hard to be fair sometimes, don’t you think?!