Today’s Word: consider

April 27, 2018 =========

☆  consider  検討する


When you consider something, you think about it carefully. For example, if you haven’t made a decision about X yet, and someone asks you what you decided about X, you could reply by saying, “I haven’t had enough time to consider X yet, I’ll get back to you.” Or, if you have made your decision, you could say, “I have considered all the factors, and have decided to do ….” and insert your decision.

You can also “consider doing Y” in the future. So, for example, “I’m considering going to New York for my summer vacation.” Next week is Golden Week, do you have time off? What are you considering doing during this vacation time? I hope you have some fun plans! It’s not Golden Week here, but I am considering taking some time off anyway! It’s always nice to have a few days break when everyone else is at work!