Today’s Word: recuperate

March 22, 2018 =========

☆  recuperate  回復する


I can’t remember how long you are supposed to recuperate after giving birth in Japan, is there a set time? In Australia, it is quite strict, and you must recuperate for six weeks after having your baby – during this time, it’s OK to walk, but you’re not supposed to do any other exercise until you have fully recuperated.

So, I was doing the right thing, only walking sometimes, no running or anything, and then a couple of weeks ago, when I was walking with Sofie in her stroller, I tripped over and actually broke my ankle!! It was five weeks and four days after she was born… in other words, I was just a few days from going to the doctor to get checked and get his OK to start running again.

I Could. Not. Believe. It!!!

So, now I have to recuperate for another four weeks at least, no running of course, and no walking. And it was my right ankle, so no driving either. What a shock. 🙁