Today’s Word: situation

March 13, 2018 =========

☆  situation 状況


You use the word “situation” to talk about what is happening at that time, or what is happening to you. For example, “he is in terrible situation.” Or, “If you want to improve your situation, you need a positive mental attitude!”

Or, the useful phrase this week, “We have to make the most of the situation.”

This was my situation yesterday! For me, it was a regular work day, but my kids had a school closure day, so they were at home, which of course means I can’t work. How did I make the most of the “bad” situation? Well, firstly, I had to change my mind – it wasn’t a bad situation, just a different situation. So, instead of work and school, we played board games and did puzzles, and watched Netflix! Not a very productive day, but oh well, I think we made the best of the situation!