Today’s Word: blame

February 26, 2018 =========

☆  blame  非難


So, every now and then, when I am writing these mini mails, I find a mistake in the Eigo Techo. And today is one of those days! Oh no… today’s word is “blame” as a noun… however, blame is often used as a verb, and that is exactly what I did in the Q&A section for this month! Oops! My mistake – I can only blame myself. (verb.) Or, I could say, the blame is all mine. (noun.)

The question in the Q&A is: What do you do when someone blames you for their mistake? (verb)

As a noun, you could rewrite the sentence as: What do you when someone puts the blame on you for their mistake?

So, firstly, I’m sorry about the mistake in the Eigo Techo – and I’m glad you are reading this mini mail, so I can apologize and fix the mistake!