Today’s Word: expectation

February 18, 2018 =========

☆  expectation  期待


This week, one of our useful phrases is, “I don’t want to have any expectations of how the date will go.” You might wonder when you would use this kind of phrase. It is similar to the phrase, “I don’t want to get my hopes up.” They both meant not wanting to expect something great to happen, just in case you are disappointed.

So, in our example the speaker might be going on a first date with someone, and although she is excited and hopeful that everything goes well – and they go on a second date and more – she doesn’t want to have high expectations, just in case the date is not fun, or not a success, and then she’ll feel disappointed. In this case, she just wants to see what happens, and go with the flow, hoping the date goes well, but not too attached to the outcome of a “fantastic date.”

Have you ever had high expectations of something, and then been disappointed when the reality was not as good as you hoped?