Today’s Word: single-mindedness

January 20, 2018 =========

☆  single-mindedness 一心不乱


If you show single-mindedness, it means that you have only one aim or purpose and you are determined to achieve it. My friend recently started running, and she told her husband that she wanted to run a half marathon (21k) event later this year. Her husband laughed and said she’d never be able to run 21k! How rude!

The good news is though, that this has given her the resolve, the determination, and the single-mindedness to reach her goal of 21k and prove her husband wrong! I wonder if that was secretly his goal? Maybe he thought that if he just said, “Great, good luck!” then she might not try so hard, but now she has the goal of proving to him that she can do it, so she will be much more motivated… what do you think? Was he secretly motivating her, or just being mean??