Today’s Word: temptation

January 15, 2018 =========

☆  temptation  誘惑


If you feel you want to do something or have something, even though you know you really should avoid that thing, you can refer to that *feeling* as temptation. You can also refer to the actual *thing* that you want to do or have as a temptation. So, how do you resist temptation?

When there is something you want to buy, but know you really shouldn’t / don’t need to buy it, how do you resist the temptation to buy it?

What about when there is something you want to eat or drink, but really should avoid, how do you resist the temptation? For this one, recently my son has started looking at the sugar content of foods and drinks! He is only young, but he is determined to avoid too much sugar, so this is how he resists the temptation of a soda drink and instead gets a glass of water! I hope he continues this!!