Today’s Word: change

January 6, 2018 =========

☆  change  変える


There are a few different ways to use the verb, “change”. When something changes, or you change it, it becomes different. For example, “After finding a new job, she has now changed into a happy, self-confident woman.” Or, “The Internet is changing the way we do business.”

You can also use “change” to mean that you replace something with something new or different. For example, “I’m thinking of changing doctors, as I don’t really feel comfortable with my current one.” Or, “My iPhone stopped working, but it was still in warranty, so the store changed it for a new one.”

And, of course, you can use “change” to talk about things you want to change in your own life. For example, I’ve recently become interested in healthy eating, so I’m changing my diet and eating habits in 2018. Are you changing anything in 2018? What is it?