Today’s Word: grumble

December 27, 2017 =========

☆  grumble 不平を言う


Of course, if you don’t feel like counting your blessings like I talked about yesterday, then you could try grumbling instead! Ha ha! When you grumble, it means that you complain about something in a bad-tempered way.

In England, the phrase “Mustn’t grumble” is very common! It is similar to saying, “Can’t complain” meaning that although life isn’t perfect, or life isn’t how you want it to be, it’s OK – it’s good enough. And you’re not going to grumble. This idea of not grumbling is actually very British, they like to be modest and not complain (apparently!)

What do you think of this? Is it also a common character trait in Japan? Do you know anyone that grumbles? Do you know any British people that grumble?