Today’s Word: generosity

December 21, 2017 =========

☆  generosity  寛大さ


In our family, for Christmas, to avoid spending too much money and buying too much stuff, we made a rule to only buy for the kids. In other words, I buy for my own family, and then my nieces and nephews – not my brother or sisters. My brother and his wife don’t have kids, but they always show great generosity to their nieces and nephews. Last year, my boys were given huge boxes of Lego, which they absolutely love.

I always feel a bit guilty though, as the “rule” is to buy for kids (under 18s) only. So, how do we return the generosity to my brother? I think this is a good chance for the “Gift of Nothing” book that I talked about earlier this week! They already have everything they need, so I’m sure they don’t want more “stuff” just because it’s Christmas. I’ll have to start thinking of another way to repay their generosity.