Today’s Word: discouraging

November 23, 2017     =========

☆  discouraging  がっかりさせる


If something is discouraging, it is disheartening, disappointing, or depressing. For example, the useful phrase this week, “His feedback was so discouraging.” You might not get a chance to use the useful phrases, but thinking about how you might respond, or in what situation you might use them, can be a good way to improve your English.

So, for this one, “His feedback was so discouraging.” How would you respond to a coworker or friend if they said this to you? Or even a child, if their teacher said this to them, what would you say? Here are some suggestions:

“It might be difficult, but don’t let his feedback stop you from trying your best.”
“Yes, it’s discouraging, but I have confidence in you!”
“How about asking him for more constructive feedback?”

What else could you respond with?

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