Today’s Word: crush

November 19, 2017     =========

☆  crush 砕く


This week’s useful phrase, “Don’t let anyone crush your dreams.” This is so true, don’t you think? If there is someone that we believe is an authority, and they basically tell us we cannot achieve our dream, for most people, it will crush their hope and they will give up.

When I was in high school, I wrote a story – a sequel to Star Wars! Ha ha! – and my English teacher was sooo harsh! She didn’t have any praise for my story, only criticism! She crushed my dreams of writing fiction… luckily, almost as a kind of revenge, I decided to become an English teacher myself! Obviously, I’m teaching English as a language, not English literature and writing, but I’m glad I didn’t let her comments affect my future too much.

How about you, have you ever had your dreams crushed by someone you respected? What did you do?