Today’s Word: extol

November 17, 2017     =========

☆  extol 賞賛する


Today’s word is the complete opposite of yesterday’s! If you extol someone or something, you praise them enthusiastically. I was wondering about how to suggest that you use this word, so I looked up some sentence examples and found these great ones to share with you.

“I got angry when my mother would extol my brother’s accomplishments and ignore all the good things I did.” This never really happened in my family, because my parents would be proud of us all, my sisters and my brother. However, I do know a lot of families where the “boy” is still considered the better child. Hopefully, this is not so common anymore!

“Unfortunately, young people have begun to extol celebrities instead of the real heroes like teachers and police officers.” This is definitely true with the younger generation in Australia. With things like Instagram, teenagers and people in their twenties are much more likely to extol their favorite sports player than their teacher. How about in Japan?