Today’s Word: confrontation

November 4, 2017     =========

☆  confrontation  対立


A confrontation is a dispute, fight, or battle between two groups of people. It’s my birthday today, so hopefully I won’t encounter any confrontations! As a birthday present (and Christmas present!) I always ask my two boys not to fight with each other for one day… no confrontations for one day, please! They’ve never managed to do it in the past, so I guess I won’t get my birthday wish this year either! Ha ha 🙂

What do you do when you are facing a confrontation that either involves you or the people around you? Are you good at resolving confrontations peacefully, or do you tend to get involved too deeply so that things escalate? Unfortunately, I’m the type of person that gets involved! Maybe I should give myself the birthday present of not getting involved in my boys’ confrontations for one day!