Today’s Word: praise

November 1, 2017    =========

☆  praise  褒めること


Praise (noun) is what you say or write about someone when you are praising (verb) them. John Wooden was one of the most famous basketball coaches in the USA. He has many, many famous quotes, and one of them is this week’s quote: “You can’t let praise or criticism get to you.” Our theme for this month Praising Each Other, and yet, this quote is saying that we should really ignore praise (and criticism.)

Why do you think it is important not to let praise or criticism get to us? Obviously, with criticism, we might feel down or upset if someone says something negative about us. But why should we also ignore praise? Praise is a positive thing, right? Unfortunately, too much praise might actually affect us in a negative way; for example, we might start doing less work or thinking that we are too good to be on the team with other people who aren’t as good as us. Do you agree, is praise just as dangerous as criticism?