Today’s Word: stereotype

October 16, 2017 =========

☆  stereotype  既成概念


This week’s useful phrase is, “I really dislike it when people use stereotypes.” What do you think of this, do you agree? Disagree? What are the advantages of using stereotypes? Are there any disadvantages? Generally, the advantages are that they allow us to reduce the amount of thinking we have to do when we meet a person, or a situation, because we have met similar people or had a similar experience before.

Of course, the disadvantage then is that we tend to ignore differences between individuals, and we might think something about someone that isn’t actually true, just based on the stereotype we give that person. Unfortunately, most stereotypes actually convey a negative impression.  An American research project in 1933 based on racial stereotypes found that many people used negative racial stereotypes to belittle members of other races.

The good news is that more recent (1950’s and 1960’s) research showed that the stereotypes of other races are becoming more positive. What do you think the research on racial stereotypes would show these days?