Today’s Word: belief

October 8, 2017      =========

☆  belief  信仰


When we talk about beliefs, it often has the nuance of religion – in other words, it seems like we are talking about your faith in a god or many gods, and what you believe is right or wrong, true or false. Of course, nowadays, your beliefs don’t need to be connected to religion at all, and are purely what you value, what you believe is right and wrong.

Similarly, the beliefs of a culture or country and the set of beliefs that most people in that country or community believe to be right or wrong, true or false. What are the beliefs of Japanese people? In Japan, do most people have the same beliefs? Are these beliefs connected to religion? In Australia, we are supposed to be a secular country, and therefore our beliefs as a whole country are not connected to religion in any way… but sometimes when I see what the government has decided, I really wonder if this is true or not!