Today’s Word: soul

October 2, 2017      =========

☆  soul  活気


Your soul is the part of your that consists or your mind, character, thoughts, and feelings. It is your spirit, your heart, your essence, your vitality. When we talk about a person or place that has soul, we mean that it is vibrant or has a spark of life.

I read an interesting article a while ago about the UK and Europe and how they were trying to bring more art and culture to the cities. The government is slowly realizing that a city cannot “live” by concrete and glass buildings alone, it needs a soul. One way to do this is to have artists create art around the cities and bring a vibrant feeling to the concrete jungle. This is happening around Adelaide, too, there are now many huge murals and paintings covering the sides of buildings throughout the city – rather than just random graffiti – and it looks great, the concrete buildings seem to have soul and to be a living thing. I love it!