Today’s Word: eliminate

September 27, 2017 =========

☆  eliminate  排泄する


Yesterday I mentioned that when I have a stomachache I try to find the cause of it. If I find that a certain food makes me feel sick or unwell after eating, I eliminate it from my diet. If it’s a food I love, then after eliminating it for a while, I try to eat it again – if I have the same reaction, then sadly, I have to eliminate that food completely, or put up with feeling sick!

Recently I noticed that wine was giving me an allergic reaction and making me feel sick. So, I tried to find organic wines that didn’t have Sulphur in it, because I thought it might be a Sulphur allergy. Strangely though, I still had symptoms no matter what wine I drank. So for now, I have eliminated wine from my diet. It’s a sad thing to live in South Australia, where we make many, many wonderful wines and not be able to drink it!

How about you Have you ever had to eliminate certain foods or drinks from your diet?

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