Today’s Word: delicacy

September 20, 2017 =========

☆  delicacy  珍味


A delicacy is a rare or expensive food that is considered especially nice to eat. I think that Japan is a country filled with delicacies, don’t you? The food that you can eat at when you travel to local areas are always so impressive. I just love the fact that most areas of Japan have their local delicacy… and when you eat it at that location, it always tastes so much better than if you bought it at a supermarket and ate it at home!

One disappointing thing about Australia is that we don’t tend to have this kind of local delicacy culture. As there are so many immigrants in Australia, there is a lot of different and delicious ethnic food, but you can find the same kinds of food in most cities. We don’t really have delicacies that you can only eat in certain areas of Australia. I did find this funny article about the delicacies of Australia, 10 iconic foods, but I’m not sure I’d really call them delicacies!!