Today’s Word: paternity leave

August 29, 2017 =========

☆  paternity leave  父親の育児休暇


A friend of mine from the UK lives in Japan, with her American husband, and he is currently taking paternity leave. It’s paid – not full pay from the company, but the government subsidizes it so that you can take a full 12 months of paid leave – the mother and/or father! Did you know that?

I didn’t know that! I also didn’t know that Japan is 2nd highest in the world for the length of paid paternity leave. In Japan, the father can take 52 weeks of paid leave. The top spot goes to South Korea, which is 53 weeks of paid leave. Wow! I looked for Australia on this list by Forbes… Australia only offers two weeks of paid paternity leave!! Wow!

That is eye opening to me! A lot of fathers in Australia take paternity leave, so I assumed it was paid leave, but I guess it is unpaid! Whereas in Japan, it is paid leave, but not many people take it, right? Interesting!!