Today’s Word: off-balance

August 4, 2017 =========

☆  off-balance  バランスの崩れた


Usually when we talk about someone or something being off-balance, we mean that they can easily fall or be knocked over because they are not standing firmly. However, another way to use this word is when you talk about your life being unbalanced, so your work and life style are off-balance. You might be working too much, or even too little, so your life is off-balance.

Interestingly, there is a book called Off Balance, by Matthew Kelly, and in it, he says that striving for work-life balance is a mistake. He says we don’t actually want balance, we want satisfaction. And if we have personal and professional satisfaction, then we will spend more time on our top priorities and less time on less important things. It might look to outsiders as if our life is off-balance, but in fact, it is perfectly balanced to give us satisfaction in each area of life.

What do you think of his theory?