Today’s Word: take it easy

July 27, 2017 =========

☆  take it easy  くつろぐ


Take it easy (or take things easy) it is the informal way of saying that you are going to relax and not do very much at all. I have one client who travels to Italy every year for a holiday with his wife and their friends. Each year, they have gone on a tour, and he said it’s quite “busy” as they rush from place to place and have to eat meals quickly to keep on schedule.

So, this year, they decided to create their own travel inventory and take it easy. Basically, this meant that they went to fewer places but they stayed at each place longer and enjoyed it more. He said that taking it easy at meal time was the best thing ever – it meant they could take a long, leisurely lunch, and enjoy a bottle of wine rather than just one glass. It really sounded like the perfect way to take it easy and enjoy Italy!

How about you? Do you usually have a hectic travel schedule or do you like to take it easy when you travel?