Today’s Word: validate

July 24, 2017 =========

☆  validate  有効にする


These days, most travel documents are electronic, so there is no need to validate things as much anymore. Train tickets are the most common things that need to be validated. In France, they have a system where you can print your train tickets at home and they do not need to be validated. However, if you buy your ticket at the station, and print it there, then you need to validate it when you enter the gate. They also have a shredding bin at some locations, so can throw away your paper ticket safely when you are finished traveling! What a great idea.

In Australia, you can have either a paper ticket or a metro card, like the Suica card in Japan. You must always validate your ticket when you board the train. You only need to validate your ticket at the gate if you are at the final station in Adelaide. In other words, you could get on and off the train and not validate your ticket (if you are not getting on or off at Adelaide station), because there are no gates at any of the other train stations! Unfortunately, this means a lot of people don’t pay to use the trains, and so the system is not very profitable.