Today’s Word: memorize

July 4, 2017 =========

☆  memorize   覚える


I’m sure the idea of memorizing English words and their translations is nothing new to you, but have you ever thought about using this skill for travel? How? Well, when I’m travelling, I hate to look like a tourist – firstly it attracts the attention of people who might want to scam you (for example, when I travelled in New Orleans, everyone approached me and offered to show me where the good sights were – for money of course!). Secondly, if you have to keep looking at a guidebook, then it takes away from the fun you could be having while travelling.

So, instead I memorize my plans for the day. Actually, that’s not quite true anymore! In the past, I used to memorize my travel plans – where I was going, what trains I’d need and what café I wanted to go to. It was hard, but it was worth it, because I didn’t look like a tourist. Now of course, there’s no need to memorize anything – I take photos of my guidebook with my iPhone instead, and let my iPhone memorize the information I need to know!

Do you have any weird travel tips?