Today’s Word: pass

July 6, 2017 =========

☆  pass  遠慮する


I’m sure you know the word “pass” but have you seen it used in this context? This is about saying no politely to something. For example, if you are traveling and someone offers to buy you a drink, you might be better off saying no and getting your own drink or even leaving, so you could say something like, “No thanks, I’ll pass.” If you wanted to, you could add an excuse, “I’m tired.” Or “I don’t drink.”

You can also say this when someone offers you food that you don’t want to eat – each culture has some weird food that the only locals consider to be delicious, right? When I was in Japan, I was told I’d love squid ink pasta, but I knew I wouldn’t so I said, “no thanks, I’ll pass.” You can even use this when you don’t want to attend an event that someone wants you to go to, such as drinks after work.