Today’s Word: novel

June 28, 2017 =========

☆  novel 今までにない


A novel idea or thing is a new and different idea, different from anything that has been done or experienced up to now. Some other words you could use with a similar meaning are: new, fresh, different, innovative, original, strange, uncommon, unfamiliar, unusual.

Have you ever thought about picking up some new and novel habits? I found a list of 203 habits that can help energize your day and some of them were quite novel. For example:

Ask someone for a hug – one person a day! (to be happier)
Sniff lavender essential oil (to destress)
Do a set of pushups every morning, and increase the number each week. (fitness)
Introduce yourself to one new person each day. (networking)

Would you be brave enough to try these? Here’s a link to the full 203 ideas if you’d like more.