Today’s Word: rewarding

June 26, 2017 =========

☆  rewarding やりがいのある


An experience or action that is rewarding gives you satisfaction, it is worthwhile, beneficial, and fulfilling. We usually talk about our work or career being rewarding. However, our habits can be rewarding too. Can you think of any?

Some that I thought of were things like getting a massage. Getting a regular massage is a great habit, and very rewarding. It feels great at the time, and it’s healthy for our body too. Another rewarding habit is saving money. Whenever my bank account has a number in it that isn’t an exact dollar, I transfer the extra to a savings account. I call it my “last three digits” habit. So if my bank balance is $123.45 then I transfer the last three digits, so $3.45 into my savings account. This is a really rewarding habit, because I never even notice the money is gone, and my savings account is steadily increasing!

What rewarding habits do you have?