Today’s Word: routine

June 24, 2017 =========

☆  routine 日課


In the useful phrase this week, it says, “Including them in your daily routine can really help with new habits.” In other words, if you make a new habit part of your daily routine, it’s much easier to integrate them. So, if you want to drink a glass of water when you wake up, then you can add this new habit to your morning routine, and that will make it easier to keep going with it.

In Australia, most schools don’t have a school lunch system, so all the kids bring their own lunches. So, every morning, part of my routine is to prepare lunches and snacks for my kids… so wouldn’t it make sense to prepare my own lunch and snacks at the same time?! Duh!! Of course! I can easily add this habit to my morning routine, and this will save me time during the day, and also save me money, as I won’t need to go out and buy lunch or snacks.

What little habits have you added to your daily routine that have been helpful?