Today’s Word: hindrance

June 10, 2017    =========

☆  hindrance  障害


A hindrance is a person or a thing that makes it more difficult for you to do something. When you are building a new habit, what kinds of things might be a hindrance to you being successful? For me, I’m trying to wake up early, but the weather is a real hindrance!! I know it’s probably warm where you are, but it’s winter here and the mornings are soooo cold! It’s really hard to get up early.

And, we had friends come over for a “winter BBQ” yesterday, one of the guests brought a cheesecake with her for dessert – there was some left, so she left it with us to eat… that leftover cheesecake is a hindrance to my habit of eating healthy! Must. Be. Strong. Don’t. Eat. The. Cheesecake… 🙂 ha ha