Today’s Word: supersede

June 4, 2017 =========

☆  supersede 取って代わる


If something is superseded by something newer, it is replaced because it has become old-fashioned or unacceptable. Usually this word is used to describe things like laws (a new law supersedes the old laws) or things that are no longer efficient, such as hand-built cars were superseded by machines and factories building cars.

However, you can also use it to describe a new habit that has superseded an old one. For example, you might usually get up at 7am in the morning, but your new habit of getting up at 6am will supersede that habit. This article ( suggests 9 habits that will supersede any habits you already have – including one that is getting up at 4am! That’s too early for me, how about you? I think I’ll stick with my old habit of getting up at 5:30am for now! That is not likely to be superseded by a 4am wake up time!