Today’s Word: help

June 2, 2017      =========

☆  help 手伝う


Do you think we should have the habit of helping others? I found an article online about a man who lost his job in his fifties and he was a bit confused and worried about the rest of his life. He realized that up until then he had placed too much emphasis on his career and had not spent enough time helping others. So, he decided to focus on helping other people, in order to gain more satisfaction with his life outside of his job/career.

He decided to do the following things:
  • Keep a journal of the small things he did to help other people (so that he wouldn’t forget, and could read it and remind himself that he was being a good person.)
  • Made a habit of helping one person every day.
  • Expressed gratitude to people who helped him.
What do you think of these ideas?