Today’s Word: likeable

April 28, 2017 =========

☆  likeable  人に好かれる


Someone that is likeable is pleasant and easy to like. Some words with a similar meaning are attractive, agreeable, charming, engaging, nice, and personable. Have you ever thought about what kind of people are likeable? I haven’t really thought about it, but the UCLA (Uni of California, LA) did some research on it a few years ago, and came up with a list of things that make people likeable. Here are some of those:

– They ask questions.
– They put away their phones when they are talking with other people.
– They are genuine and honest.
– They don’t seek attention, they are simply friendly and considerate to others.
– They are consistent – they don’t let their mood change how they interact with other people.

This is an interesting list. Based on this, would you say that you are a likeable person? The last point is sometimes hard for me, but otherwise I think I’m pretty likeable! 😀