Today’s Word: ambitious

April 3, 2017    =========

☆  ambitious   野心的な


This month, we’re talking about personalities, and looking at words that describe ourselves and others. So, someone who is ambitious, has a strong desire to be successful, rich, or powerful. Would you describe yourself as ambitious? My oldest son is very ambitious, he already knows he wants to be a professional soccer player! When I was his age, I wanted to be a detective!! I’m not sure if that was an ambitious goal or not!! Lol.

Recently, my client Tatsuya Wani came to Adelaide to reach his ambitious goal. His goal was to teach his workshop on cash flow management in English to non-Japanese people. The workshop is about two and a half hours long. I thought this was a very ambitious goal, but he did it! He successfully taught his workshop, in English, to 15 people, and after just six months of preparation! Amazing!

Do you have an ambitious goal for English at the moment?