Today’s Word: moment of truth

March 20, 2017 =========

☆  moment of truth  決定的瞬間


If you refer to a time or event as the “moment of truth” you mean that it is an important time when you must make a decision (sometimes quickly), and whatever you decide will have important consequences in the future.

For students in Japan, the moment of truth would come when they need to decide which high school they will go to, as this will most likely affect the university they can choose, right? Another time someone might face a not-so-important moment of truth, is if they are on a diet and someone offers them cake! To eat and break the diet or not to eat and stay on the diet! That is their moment of truth.

Another situation where you might face your moment of truth, is deciding on a job, if one job lets you stay in your hometown, but the other job needs you to travel and live in another city, what is your choice? Have you ever faced moment of truth? What was it? Did you make the right decision?