Today’s Word: negotiate

March 2, 2017      =========

☆  negotiate  交渉する


When people negotiate, they talk about a problem or situation in order to solve the problem and find a solution that everyone is happy with. When I was studying law, we had to read many textbooks on negotiating and how to do it. They were soooo boring!! Don’t get me wrong, I think negotiating and being able to negotiate are very important, but textbooks on the topic are not interesting!

However, I did read one book on negotiating which was interesting. An old book, by Robert Ringer, called, Winning Through Intimidation. The title makes it sound awful, what kind of person writes a book about intimidating others?! The content was far more useful than any of the textbooks I read in law school! In fact, it was really just about having confidence and believing in yourself, so that you wouldn’t be intimidated when negotiating. But, I guess, “Have confidence in yourself” isn’t really a catchy book title!