Today’s Word: suggestion

February 27, 2017 =========

☆  suggestion  提案


If you make a suggestion, you put forward an idea or plan for someone to think about. For example, if you wanted to offer advice to someone you could say, “Can I make a suggestion?” Or if you are at a meeting and you want to put forward your ideas, you could say, “I have lots of suggestions for the company’s future.”

If you took someone’s advice, then you could thank them, or let them know by saying something like this, “I followed your suggestion and started going for a walk at lunchtime.” Or when relating back information or advice you have received, you could say, “The doctor was helpful, he made a few suggestions as to how I could improve my diet.”

If you want advice from people, you can say, “I’m open to suggestions.” If you have any suggestions for me and how I can improve this mail mag, please let me know! I’m open for suggestions 🙂