Today’s Word: emotional

February 21, 2017 =========

☆  emotional  感情的な


Last weekend I watched a Netflix documentary, “Finding Traction.” It was about a female American long distance runner who wanted to beat the male time record on the Vermont Long Trail, which is 273 miles long!!! The male record is 4 days 12 hours!! Of running! With only a little sleep! Crazy! As you can imagine anyone attempting that would be a little emotional! Nikki Kimball ended up completing the 273 miles in 5 days and 7 hours. A new record for women. 

In the documentary, there is a short scene where Nikki Kimball comes in to meet her crew helping her with the run, and she is extremely emotional. In the space of just a few minutes she went through all the emotions! Crying, angry, laughter, more crying, more laughing, more tears – mostly of joy this time to be sitting down. It was hard to watch her and not feel emotional myself!

How about you? Do you ever feel emotional after seeing someone else who is a bit emotional?