Today’s Word: complain

February 18, 2017 =========

☆  complain  グチをこぼす


Earlier in the month, I told you about my youngest son complaining about brushing his teeth every day. Well, today is Saturday, and he has even more things to complain about! Since I’d love my kids to be able to speak Japanese I send them to Japanese school on Saturday mornings for three hours…

Oh my goodness! He sure does complain every Saturday morning!!! “Why do I have to go to school Every. Single. Day??” he asks me. And so of course, I say, you don’t have to go Every. Single. Day! On Sunday, you play soccer… ha ha! Of course, he doesn’t like my joke!

Do you have kids or people in your life that complain a lot? What do you do about it? Try to make a joke, like me? Or do you have another tactic?