Today’s Word: panic

February 14, 2017 =========

☆  panic  慌てる


Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I first lived in Japan, the Valentine’s Day “giri-choco” obligation to buy chocolates for coworkers was so strange to me. However, after a few years living in Tokyo and seeing my female coworkers buy chocolates for male coworkers that they were not dating, I got used to the idea.

And then after a few more years, I would actually panic on Valentine’s Day because I had forgotten to buy my chocolates for workmates! Of course, whenever anyone asked me where my chocolates were, I relaxed, didn’t panic, and just replied, “I’m not Japanese, so I don’t have to buy giri-choco!” 🙂

Do you like the Valentine’s Day – White Day system in Japan? I hope you are not panicking today because you haven’t bought chocolates! And, if you’re a man reading this, don’t panic if no one buys you chocolates today, OK? 🙂