Today’s Word: misery

February 11, 2017 =========

☆  misery  悲惨さ


Misery means “great unhappiness” … which is a little strange, as “great” seems like a positive word, right? J However, in this case of course, it means “big” or “huge”… A lot of people said that 2016 was filled with misery for them – so many famous musicians and actors died, and of course, then was all the misery from wars, refugees and the political situations around the world.

So, I entered 2017 thinking the worst was over, and the misery was done with and finished in 2016… well, it seems I was wrong! Since the beginning of this year, my mother has been in hospital. My sister’s mother-in-law is also in hospital. My friend’s mother died last Friday. And then my other sister’s dog suddenly died yesterday. This year has been filled with enough misery for me! No more misery, please, I would like “great happiness” not “great unhappiness”!!

I hope you are having a better start to 2017.