Today’s Word: tactic

January 24, 2017 =========

☆  tactic  方策


A tactic is a method that will help you achieve what you want. A tactic could also be called a policy, a method, an approach, a plan, a scheme, or a strategy.

You might sometimes hear about “delaying tactics” and these are things that someone does deliberately to try to delay something starting. For example, in a simple personal situation, my youngest son hates to brush his teeth, so he always uses delaying tactics such as saying he is hungry or thirsty, so needs to eat or drink first. Or he says he is not ready for some other reason, such as still watching TV, still doing homework, or just that he says he doesn’t want to! He will use any tactic to delay brushing his teeth!

In a business situation, when two companies are trying to merge together to form one company, if one company doesn’t want to do the merger, they may try to use delaying tactics to postpone the merger.

Can you think of any other situation where you might want to use delaying tactics?