Today’s Word: persist

January 17, 2017 =========

☆  persist  やり抜く


Persist means to continue, to carry on, to persevere. Last year I wrote an article about persisting and persevering. Strangely though, I spelled the word, “persevere” wrong Every Single Time!! How crazy is that! I kept trying to put in an extra “r” so I was spelling it “perseRvere” each time. The problem is that it sounds like there is an “r” in there, so I was spelling it how it sounded.

This little lesson taught me that I was good at persisting! I really did persist until I had finished that article, even though it was difficult and annoying! It also reminded me of the idea of using the word that is easiest for you. If you are learning English, and you know that persist and persevere are very similar in meaning and usage, then choose the one that is easiest for you to use, and then don’t worry about the other one! Next time I need to write an article on persevering, I will be using the word, persist, instead!