Today’s Word: energetic

January 7, 2017 =========

☆  energetic  活動的な


So, this is kind of funny, or ironic. Yesterday after sending you the “lofty” email, my friend messaged me to say she was feeling energetic and did I want to join her for a run in the hills. I said yes, so she picked me up and we drove about 30 minutes to our run start location… can you guess where she drove us? That’s right, the bottom of Mt. Lofty! Ha ha!

It was a hot day (we are finally getting summer days here) and we ran 23 km around the hills near Mt. Lofty – we didn’t actually go to the top of Mt. Lofty, though. And by the end of the four hours I was exhausted and not feeling energetic at all!!

How are you feeling at the moment? Energetic? Or tired? Does the weather affect how you feel? It’s summer here, so I find it easier to feel energetic, compared to in winter.