Today’s Word: curious

January 5, 2017 =========

☆  curious  好奇心のある


Would you describe yourself as a curious person? I like to think that I am curious, but I’m not sure if I really am anymore. My kids are definitely curious, they are always asking me strange and unusual questions – sometimes I feel like I am their Google!!

Do you know the song “The twelve Days of Christmas”?

Most people think that the 12 days of Christmas are in December before the 25th Christmas day. However, my mum always said they started on Christmas day, and finished today, January 5th. I was curious to see if this was true or not – and it is! The twelve days start on Christmas day, and it is meant to be 12 days of reflection and gratitude, until today, when Christmas is officially over… but I don’t know anyone that actually does this, do you?