embark 乗り出す

December 31, 2016 =========

☆   embark  乗り出す


Oh my goodness, it’s the end of 2016 already! As I talked about earlier in the month, a lot of the people around are very happy to see the end of 2016 and to embark on a new year, with new goals and opportunities. So, what are you excited about for 2017? What are you going to embark on? A new job? A new location? A new goal for English?

It’s summer holidays (not winter!) for us in Australia right now, so I guess we will be going camping and to the beach, but hopefully I’ll also have time to embark on a few new projects that I have been working on for you guys during our month of long summer holidays.

Well, have a happy and safe New Year! See you in 2017.