accelerate 加速する

December 28, 2016 =========

☆   accelerate  加速する


If a process or rate of something accelerates, it gets faster and faster. You have probably heard of something called, accelerate learning. This is where the way that we learn things is faster and speeds up. PhotoReading and Mind Mapping are a couple of great ways to accelerate your English learning.

What other ways are there to accelerate your English learning? Some of the ways I recommend is to find out what your preferred learning style is and then learn using the techniques that suit your natural learning style.

Using mnemonics is another way to accelerate your learning. Mnemonics are a memory tool that help students remember information such as vocabulary words and their meanings.

There are many other ways to accelerate your learning, too, but my final favorite method is to personalize the English that you learn – in other words make the vocabulary useful to you and your life. If what you are learning is personal and useful to you, then you are much more likely to remember it.