delicate 繊細な

December 24, 2016 =========

☆   delicate  繊細な


Delicate can be used in a few different ways. Firstly, it can describe something that is small and beautifully shaped. For example, “She has very delicate hands.” Or “I love the cherry blossom flower, it is so delicate.”

It can also describe something that has a color, taste, or smell which is pleasant, and not too strong or intense. For example, many people think that Japanese food has a very delicate, subtle flavor (I think so, too!)

If a thing is delicate, then it is easy to break or damage and needs to be treated carefully. For example, the coral in the Great Barrier Reef looks quite hard, but in fact it is very delicate and easily damaged.

Then one more very common way to use delicate is to describe a situation or problem that must be dealt with carefully, in order to avoid upsetting or offending people. For example, many movies and books are based on the idea of the delicate balance between good and evil.

Do you know any other ways to use delicate?